Every product you see on this page is making its way onto shelves. Some are already there. So take a brief moment to get reacquainted with the original creme-filled cakes and other iconic treats.



The Snack Cake Golden Child.

The Twinkie™ and all its creamy, cakey, golden goodness needs no introduction. Because this creamy, cakey, golden goodness has been enchanting the masses for generations. One sweet bite at a time. Available in multipack and single serve.

  • Cup Cakes one
  • Cup Cakes two


Beautiful Inside and Out.

You know the signature squiggles of icing, the decadent frosting and the creme-filled core. But what you may not know is that you’re currently drooling over the best-selling snack cake in the history of forever. Enjoy Chocolate or Orange flavors, in multipack or single serve.

  • Donettes one
  • Donettes two
  • Donettes three
  • Donettes four
  • Donettes five


Round and Round They Go.

Who says you can’t have a treat for breakfast? That’s the brilliance behind these sweet rings of beauty. Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Devil’s Food Chocolate and Powdered Sugar flavors come in multipack or single serve. Crunch flavor is available in single serve.

Ho Hos

Ho Hos®

In Case You Didn’t Know Know.

Fact: Ho Hos are so sweet we had to name them twice. Fact: They’re flat on the bottom so they won’t roll away. And, fact: You’re thinking you would do anything to get your hands on one of these creme-filled, chocolate-rolled cakes. Available in multipack or single serve.

Ding Dongs

Ding Dongs®

The King of Cakes Is at Your Door.

You know you love Ding Dongs if the sound of the doorbell makes you drool. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Because the Ding Dong is the king of all cakes. And in this majestic land of snacking, the Ding Dong reigns supreme over many loyal subjects. Available in multipack or single serve.

Suzy Qs

Suzy Q’s®

They’re Sweet on You.

The Suzy Q is perhaps the world’s most decadent sandwich. It’s layer after layer after layer of mouthwatering magic. And unlike other sandwiches, no one ever asks for a horizontal or diagonal cut. Available in multipack or single serve.

  • Mini Muffins one
  • Mini Muffins two
  • Mini Muffins three
  • Mini Muffins four

Mini Muffins

Fun for Mouths of All Sizes.

Even the biggest bigmouth can enjoy Mini Muffins. That’s because they’re the perfect size for snacking. Enjoy Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and decadent Brownie Bites, in multipack or single serve.

Sno Balls

Sno Balls®

They’re to Be Eaten. Not Thrown.

These marshmallow and coconut treats never miss the mark. So if you do happen to wind up and give one a toss, you’d better be aiming for your mouth. Because Sno Balls are too perfect to land anywhere else. Available in multipack and single serve.

  • Zingers one
  • Zingers two
  • Zingers three


They Lay It on Pretty Thick.

With a name like Zingers, you might be surprised to know that they’re actually pretty sweet. Just get to know their moist cake, creme filling and thick layer of icing. Enjoy Devil’s Food Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla Iced flavors, in multipack or single serve.

  • Fruit Pies one
  • Fruit Pies two
  • Fruit Pies three

Fruit Pie

Make It Disappear Like Magic.

It takes something pretty special to turn these pies into an act of baked perfection. But that’s all we can say for now. Because a true magician reveals no secrets. Enjoy Apple, Cherry and Lemon flavors, available in single serve.

Coffe Cakes

Coffee Cakes

Because Coffee Loves Company.

You don’t need to like coffee to love our Coffee Cakes. That being said, these sweet little cakes with a swirl of cinnamon and streusel topping are the perfect companions for a tall cup of Joe. Available in multipack or single serve.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Roll Your Way to Happiness.

So what makes Cinnamon Rolls so sweet? That would be the delicious cake and thick layer of icing. And what makes them rolls? Well, we roll them, of course. Available in single serve.

Honey Buns

Honey Buns

Gettin’ Sticky With It.

Chances are your microwave loves Honey Buns just as much as you do. Warm one up and it will melt in your mouth. We can’t think of a sweeter way to start the day. Enjoy Jumbo Glazed flavor, available in single serve.