Scoop up the classics! Rediscover your favorite Hostess® snack cakes turned into tasty frozen treats.

  • Twinkies® Cone
  • Twinkies® Cone

Twinkies® Cone

The cone that takes the cake.

Savor all the creamy, dreamy flavor of America’s favorite snack cake in a scrumptious frozen cream-filled cone topped with golden sponge cake crumbles. Available in multipack only.

  • Ding Dongs® Sandwich
  • Ding Dongs® Sandwich
  • Ding Dongs® Sandwich

Ding Dongs® Sandwich

The king of snack cakes just got cooler.

Ding dong! Creamy vanilla cloaked in smooth, chocolatey goodness is at your freezer door. This fun twist on the classic ice cream sandwich is inspired by the king of snack cakes. Available in multipack or single serve.

  • Sno Balls™ Bar
  • Sno Balls™ Bar

Sno Balls Bar

Go ahead. Fight over it.

Stick to the classics! These dessert bars celebrate the best of the beloved Sno Balls® snack cakes, from the delicious chocolate and vanilla core to the delicate coconut topping. Available in multipack only.

Twinkies™ Ice Cream

Twinkies Ice Cream

Inspired by the snack cake golden child.

Raise your spoon to bite-sized golden sponge cake pieces and sweet frosting swirled into rich, butter cream ice cream.

Cupcakes Ice Cream

Cupcakes Ice Cream

Have your cake and scoop it, too.

Loop de loop for joy! This delightfully decadent chocolate cake ice cream is blended with bite-sized cupcake pieces and your favorite squiggles of icing.

Sno Balls™ Ice Cream

Sno Balls Ice Cream

Grab a shovel!

Dig right in to this smooth marshmallow ice cream, blended with whipped pink coconut swirl and bite-sized chocolate cake pieces.